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This is the story about Aryan’s transformation from being an average young man to become a sought after hair stylist with Aesthetics, one of the reputed beauty and wellness chain. Born into a typical middle class family in a sleepy neighbourhood of Kolkata, he is the eldest of the three siblings. His father is a medical representative who could not make much progress in his career. And thus, his hopes were pinned onto his eldest son Aryan who however, did not show much promise in his academic pursuits.

Aryan was widely chastised as an ‘average’ guy. Aryan’s brush with the familiarity with the real life battles begins when he accompanies his younger brother Rohan, to a career fair where he chooses to undergo training in hair styling and grooming.

Aryan’s mother is his single biggest strength in his self discovery. The woman spoke very little and was largely confined to playing the second fiddle to her husband. The daughter Rhea is the mirror image of her mother in her conduct and outlook. The youngest of the three siblings is Rohan. He prides being worldly wise and considers life to be nothing more than a toy!
The sudden death of their father made the entire family come to a complete standstill. They are left undecided with how to go about rebuilding their lives after getting ousted from their home by the local land shark and a small time politician called Raghav.

Aryan’s father had entered into an agreement with Raghav to hand over the land on which their house stood, in exchange for an apartment and some cash to provision for Rhea’s marriage and Rohan’s management studies. But after the death of their father, Rohan had surreptitiously made arrangements with Raghav to forego their claim for an apartment in lieu of money.

This event triggers a chain reaction. The family moves to a place on rent. Rhea breaks her silence once and for all by confronting Rohan, unable to bear his highhandedness and selfishness. Most importantly the realisation is forced upon Aryan that he had become the man in the house after the untimely death of his father, which required him to get into a job and start earning for the family.

Aryan meets Priya at the styling class and starts attending his classes while Rhea pursues a degree course in mass communication. Rohan had left home to pursue his management studies and use to regularly pressurise his mother for money to be spent on his lifestyle that was never meant to be his but only to impress his peer group.