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The Water Crisis: You don’t mess up with the Bolod (Bull)!

Shibaji Bose - August 14, 2019 - 0 comments

I have been receiving appeals from my friends to contribute towards the Chief Minister’s relief fund for the flood ravaged Assam and Bihar. ‘Jaag Utha Insaan’! The humanity woke up within me as I donated money. The acknowledgement of the payment was from the portals brought a smile and a little bit of pride. I was brimming with the spirit of ‘kuch kariye’ (do something) as I circulated the appeal in my WhatsApp group(s). Twing, twing! Came the first response to my appeal from a gentleman in the WhatsApp group, which consists of the residents from our housing society.

“Make up your mind. The other day, you asked us to conserve water. Do you realize the fury of the floods, wreaking havoc with human life and property? The water is the culprit. The earth is 70% water. It will never dry up. What is the point of conserving water?” My fingers were impatient to type the reply and off it went.

“Ox moron, have you come across this term?” The auto spell check was at work! I did not notice oxymoron getting typed as Ox moron, as I was busy typing my point of view. “Why don’t you understand, water conservation is not confined to rain water harvesting in our society? It is much bigger. Steps towards water conservation will help contain floods.”

The next day, I was summoned by the Executive Committee of our association. The gentleman in question was phoot-phoot ke crying (sobbing inconsolably) as I was asked to tender an apology. It was alleged that I have addressed him as a Bolod (bull) and then a moron. How inconsiderate of me as an educated man. I decided not to offer any justification and instead meekly proposed that the gentleman conserve his tears to save his cheeks from flooding! The ruckus, commotion and the drama followed.

I have pledged that I will no longer preach the need to conserve with Bolods. (bulls)

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