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In Conversation with Subrata Dey #Ordinary people have extraordinary stories!

Shibaji Bose - August 28, 2019 - 0 comments

Introduction to this series #Ordinary people have extraordinary stories!

I am curating a list of successful people known to me in person. They have busted the myth that it is only the conventional road, which spells success. They have gone ahead with defying all odds, to tread upon the thresholds of a path less travelled. And today, they have earned the reputation of being admired by their peers, compatriots and the aspiring!

A brief 

Starting with the name, I am Subrata Dey. I am from this town called Jaigaon, adjoining the border to Bhutan. I came to Kolkata for my higher studies in 2007 (St. Xaviers Kolkata) and quickly realized that B.Com and MBA wasn’t my thing. I discovered my passion with computers and web technologies. But I belong to a modest financial background and it was a big challenge for me to bail out to follow my passion. I couldn’t afford to buy a computer for myself. So, I started working as an English trainer for a firm. That is when, I  learned computers hands-on and started saving  money to buy myself one someday.

Since then I have taught myself Web Development, Designing, Coding and IOT.

I currently have a passionate team of designers, coders, photo & video, 3D design and animators. I have recently launched my 1st IOT product on Amazon and currently  gearing up for mass production and distribution.

Visit: http://homefront.in/

Facebook: facebook.com/subrodey

How did you become, who you are today?

Hard-work, na I am kidding! I have never worked hard however I did work little smart, cut some corners, not proud. But when you don’t have much time and have too much to do in a shorter time you need to make adjustments. I still am in a roller-coaster ride, I invest almost entirety of what I earn on product development and infrastructure hoping it will pay off big in future.

Now to be honest, co-incidence is the word actually. One of my colleague and former boss Koel, when she learned that I am learning to do website, she asked me to do it for her farm house which many corporate book for their events and parties etc. I did that and it turned out to be good. Based on that I started getting many requests and from a learning hobby became my full time engagement.

 What made you choose the path?

I am fascinated by technology and design. I always wanted to create a product or invent something that has positive effect on the masses. Like for example take a simple daily object say, the flush of your toilet or the zip in your pants, these are life altering inventions yet so available that it runs in the background and you don’t think about them. I want to create such products and perhaps I am in a journey to.

 What do you have to tell the world?

I am not a preacher, however, I feel one should follow their dreams and believe in them and push oneself a little further. Finally, try to make this world a little better than how you found it.

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