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Repaying A Debt Forever

Shibaji Bose - August 14, 2019 - 0 comments

Dear Father,

The fact that you bequeathed life on to me and my growing up in your paternal shadow makes me feel, I owe you an acknowledgement for a lifetime.

Why do I feel so? Your sense of achievement lies in the completion of circle of accomplishments that you did not or could not complete, and wish, I pursue the same on your behalf. This paternal shadow is inhibiting my growing up with a sense of repaying a debt that I never took from you. Do I keep pursuing something that I do not concur with you or seek my sense of direction in the pursuit of a life that makes sense to me?

I see your taking umbrage to this epistle, for I am speaking my mind. The very obvious reference would be, “I am intruding your space and that you are grown up now, I must knock the door”. Knocking the door is but a small question that I would like you to ask yourself, “I see myself in the mirror but my right is his left and his right is the left of mine”. The resentment that I may have shown is neither with you being tyrannical or overbearing or your being a self-appointed apostle of virtuous, values and righteousness but with my inability to communicate with the words and terms, you relate to.

You are justified when you ask my mother to fetch me a glass of water when I am back from the sun, you are indeed justified, but to your own self. I look at it; you’re being insensitive to a possibility that she might not be well placed to hand over the glass at that point in time. When it comes to getting the best out of the chicken from the kitchen, it about the spices and condiments that you like and rarely the grilled, roasted or deep fried that I like.

And yes, when I go out on a date, I will ensure I get to know about the “birds and the bees” from you so that we discuss it at dinner. When you put in your dentures and get myopic or get intolerant of our times, I will fondly remember that shadow in which I grew up for I will get to be the Banyan tree one day and I would want my son to make every attempt to say, Baba (Father) I Love you!


With Love!

Your Son.


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