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In Conversation with Vikram Khinwasara #Ordinary people have extraordinary stories!

Shibaji Bose - September 27, 2019 - 0 comments

Who is Vikram?

  • Love to be fit. Regular in running, exercise and physical activities.
  • Loves Music.
  • Loves to eat, food lover.
  • Loves nature.

Avoids artificial things, from food to relationships.

Firmly believe that:

“A ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are meant for.”

So someone who is a fitness enthusiast, foodie by nature and firmly believe that there is no substitute for FRESH, FRESH FRUIT JUICES business came as a natural choice.

Commerce background, Marwari family, Rich 9yrs MNC corporate culture experiences and zeal to create own were definitely the reasons to start my own venture. Lucky to get a Piyush Kankaria as the partner who is friend, family, and guide.


Its even hard to think that a city which sleeps and wakes up with TEA, will embrace the JUICY culture. But definitely the youth culture across India is more towards healthy meal culture and juices and why India, it’s across the globe that people are more open towards a healthy lifestyle.

So we took the plunge based on our gut feel than the survey. It was our strong business decision that we started Juice business from Kolkata, whereas many people were apprehensive towards this decision. They wanted us to either change the city or the base product ie Juices.

The second biggest challenge was that we didn’t want to come out with same kind of run of mill juices. We firmly believe that our customers must feel the value addition. This is where we dedicated 9 months for R&D. During the R&D, we wanted to give cold-pressed juices in OTC, which was not prevalent at that time in INDIA. After chasing many global players, finally, we got our kind of Juicers. It was a sense of victory that yes now we can create that difference and TYS customers will feel that WOW!! Factor

Journey so far:

From a 26sq ft single store to 11 outlets, from Airport to Kolkata’s one of the oldest Club The Tollygunge Club to SEZ, High Street to Malls

From a team of 2 to family of 50+ young bread earners.

From 50-60 glasses a day to 1000 glasses a day.

Started a culture which believes that YOUTH is not only about fun but also quite serious about Health & lifestyle.

Recognition & Accolades:

Part of IIM Top 50 startups list – 2015

Part of Egiye Bangla First series

Covered by  Local newspaper frequently and by many startup focused magazines like YOUR STORY, The Weekend Leader.

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