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In Conversation with Shanoli Majumder #Ordinary people have extraordinary stories!

Shibaji Bose - October 11, 2019 - 0 comments

A brief 

I am an Elocutionist and an Entrepreneur. I founded first of its kind Bengali lyrical band ‘Mahul Abrittir Band’ in 2005. My band pioneered the concept of performing poetry with live instrumentation and we did numerous stage shows. Our compositions are used in short films, documentaries, dramas and full length Bengali feature film. We released two albums

  1. Dakchhe Mahul (2007), a collection of poems from HMV Saregama
  2. Nonsense Mahul (2009), an animated video album from HMV Saregama

We hosted popular television talk show series on Tara TV and attended countless radio and television talk shows as guests.

I also own my own a set of five music recording studios under one roof at Kolkata which caters to Dubbing for international brands like Disney, Fox, NGC, Star and Zee. We also serve artists, singers, musicians, composers, music directors and film makers.

Recently, I ventured into music management and floated a production company. My company partners with the reputed OTT platforms. My tagline “For the artist – by the artist’ conveys our deep commitment to take the work of talented artists to the listeners, anywhere in the globe.

Visit (Band)  www.mahulband.com

Visit (Studio) www.mahulstudio.com

Youtube channel – Pastel Entertainment


How did you become, who you are today?

My father inculcated the love for poetry in me. During my senior years, I opted for Masters in Bengali Literature from Jadavpur University, where my reading took me deeper to the roots of Bengali culture. I was also formally trained in Hindusthani Classical Music and Rabindra Sangeet. My penchant for poetry continues. My life was taking the usual course, but suddenly I lost my father to cancer during early 2000.

When I look back, I realize that my journey as professional artist and entrepreneur is a result of that day.

I spoke about my Band, which I am running since 2005. We have been creating, rejecting, recreating and experimenting ways of presenting poetry, literature and our deep rooted culture to the new generation.

However, it also dawned on me, the importance of being self reliant and sustainable. This realization helps me plan to start Mahul Studio, in 2010. It was financed primarily by selling my ornaments and loans from few relatives and friends. The studio employed our band members as sound engineers. We now shifted to a larger and swanky address, but I still carry the learning from our humble beginning.

With digital channels disrupting the distribution of audio industry, we have now launched the audio management company ‘Pastel’, which merged our know-how for creating content with the technology to reach out to millions of listeners across the world.

 What made you choose the path?

The outside world had transformed dramatically during the last 20 years during my journey. I never started with the aspiration of becoming what I am now. I simply followed my passion for bangla poetry, and whatever I have achieved so far is because, I was always true to my heart.

 What do you have to tell the world?

Follow your heart and you’ll reach your goal. Do not compromise on quality and commitment and keep on doing, what you do best!

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